dlakelan (dlakelan) wrote in dataheads,

Don't have the time

I don't have the time to analyze this, but here's an interesting point.

The largest counties were more likely to vote kerry, but also more likely to have etouch voting. If etouch voting randomly exchanged bush/kerry votes with a small percentage (either due to normal malfunctions or due to malice) then the NUMBER of votes randomly exchanged towards bush would be more than the number randomly exchanged towards kerry, because the likelihood of an etouch voter intending to vote kerry was considerably higher.

This doesn't require malice, just normal malfunctions of touch screens when tens of thousands of people go to use them.
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It would have to be a small percentage, or it would be noticed. If it were say 1 percent, then the largest counties together are say a million votes, one percent is only 10k votes, randomly switched, with a bias of .6 in favor of kerry, it's too few to matter.